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Friday, October 19, 2018
A Community Church
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The People of the UMC

Open Hearts

We strive to open our hearts to the world and accept each person as a child of God.

Open Minds

We challenge ourselves to consider new perspectives while honoring our biblical tradition.  Our church is based on thoughtful and heartfelt faith.

Open Doors

Everyone is welcome to worship with us, to participate in the sacrament of communion, to join us in embracing and embodying the diversity of God's family.


As United Methodists, we understand that our openness to new people, ideas and ways of reaching out to help others defines much of who we are.  Welcoming differences, considering opposing views, and embracing change amount to some of the toughest things we do, and they are also some of the most important.

As Christians, we place Jesus Christ as the center of all we do.  We foster a warmhearted personal relationship with Christ.  Through his example, we reach out with deep compassion to help hurting people. 

The United Methodist Church touches the heart and stretches the mind. It accepts people as they are, yet challenges them to be better.  It gathers us together to worship, then sends us our to serve in the name of Jesus Christ.

We are a church of warm hearts.  We believe that God moves in the personal experiences of people, and that's why we are always inviting people to accept Christ.  We believe that God is powerfully at work right here and right now through God's amazing grace, touching lives and inspiring people. 

As  members of a local church, we are part of a worldwide network of churches.  Person who join The United Methodist Church promise to serve God and support the church with their prayers, their presence, their gifts and their service.  Together our pledge of loyalty enables us to give generously to benevolences and mission efforts worldwide.  It has also allowed us to build, own and operate many colleges, hospitals, children's homes and homes for the needy.

An important aspect of The United Methodist Church is to create meaningful encounters with God and to give us an avenue for putting our faith into action. 

We are no means perfect, but we take seriously Christ's call to invite all to participate in a rich experience of faith while working together to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.


If you are searching for something to believe in or belong to, you are not alone.  Our hearts, our minds, and our doors are always open . . .

The People of The United Methodist Church


For more information on The United Methodist Church visit www.umc.org
(Information for this page is taken from the pamplet Meet the People of the United Methodist Church, published by The United Methodist Publishing House Copyright 2001)